Weight problems are not just poor self-esteem.
Unlocking the mystery of how ADHD can be a factor in the struggle to lose weight can be a life-changing experience.


In this class we will discuss the symptoms of ADHD and how they relate to the development of obesity and abnormal eating patterns including binge eating, bulemia, and anorexia. The latest research on eating disorders in girls and women will be presented along with research showing that children with ADHD consuming a western diet are more prone to developing obesity. Rationales for treatment will be discussed including the need for treatment prior to attempting to make dietary changes or coach the individual in a diet plan.

About the speaker:

Dr. Quinn, a developmental pediatrician, is a well-known international expert and speaker on the topic of ADHD. In addition, she has authored several bestselling and groundbreaking books on the topic, including Understanding Girls with ADHD and 100 Questions and Answers about ADHD in Women and Girls. For the last decade, she has devoted her attention professionally to the issues confronting girls and women with ADHD, as well as high school and college students with disorder. She is currently the director of the National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD. Dr. Quinn received the CHADD Hall of Fame Award for her work in these areas.