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Our coach training not only educated us, but it also put us in touch with other individuals with our same interests and passions. Even if we never met our classmates and instructors in person, we got to know them through class discussions or as learning partners. These like-minded individuals become a big part of our training experience because of the many opportunities for give-and-take, both during and outside of class sessions. Many of them became friends!

But then we graduated!  For many of us that meant beginning the often isolating work of building a coaching practice. No longer did we have the ready availability of colleagues to consult about building our practice, choosing the right market niche, a recommended app for To Do lists, or how to best help a client.

With no more scheduled interactions among coaches, we felt a void. Where could we turn?

Where (at last count) 167 of the Best and Brightest ADHD Coaches Meet Online to Share and Consult about Issues Related to ADHD Coaching

It’s almost like being back in coach training once again! To join you need to be a member of ACO. Then just send an email to adhdcoaches-owner@yahoogroups.com requesting that you be added to the group.

Then when you next have a professional question and want feedback from other ADHD coaches, post your question at adhdcoaches@yahoogroups.com. Some questions excite a lot of interest and many responses. Some questions may only elicit a small number of responses. You may have just the information a colleague is seeking and have the opportunity to share it with the entire community.

The conversations can be specific (do you know a good psychologist in Miami for my adult ADHD client?), but they can also be of broader interest. Here are some examples of recent topics on the Listserv:

  • Notice of the start of another round of ACO Coach Exchange: “Are you looking to partner with another coach to practice your coaching, be coached or to work on a recording for your certification?  ACO Case Exchange has one more round before the conference.”
  • Announcement of the next ACO Coach Collaboration – an opportunity for you to confer with other coaches about real cases.
  • A request for a coach for a 6-year-old boy
  • Someone looking for a coach with a background in education
  • Lots of ideas being shared about creating videos for teens
  • One member’s website was hacked and several wrote in with ideas of how to recover

You get the idea! The ACO Yahoo Group/Listserv is a huge benefit of ACO membership. Through it you connect with other coaches, benefit from their wisdom, and share your own! So join us!

Are you listed in the bookstore which links to Amazon?  Members may send info to have their books linked if they sell them on Amazon. (Need to know what info, where do they send it, what happens to it after that?)

Linda SwansonLinda Swanson
Membership Committee