5 Reasons to look forward to Reston

Our annual conference is April 28-30, 2017. It is designed for coaches and other professionals working within the ADHD community.

•    The ACO Conference is for you. While there are other ADHD conferences, this one is for you, the ADHD professional. At the beginning of the conference, participants set their intentions and goals for what they want out of the conference – and then they go after it.  Their investment, combined with our programming, is what makes the difference.

▪    Learn more. ACO members tend to be life-long learners. The conference sessions can help you continue on your learning journey. Learn more about managing your business, coaching techniques, and research in ADHD. You will come away with the experiences of real lessons learned, dozens of ideas, and innovative solutions that you and your team can use immediately

•    Earn CEUs. Attending the conference is a cost-effective professional development opportunity.

▪    Become part of the community. I often hear how lonely it is being a “solopreneur”. Attending the conference is a great way to build relationships with other ADHD professionals. Meet with the people who “speak your language” and face the same challenges day-to-day that you do.

•    Always surprising and memorable moments. Each year’s conference holds golden moments. Does anyone else remember the spontaneous conga line at the 2015 conference? Harold Payne was singing and the crowd began dancing. It was a joyful and fun moment at the conference.

The ACO Annual Conference will provide a unique opportunity to meet and speak with your peers and practitioners in the field and to exchange ideas, strategies and to build partnerships. Looking forward to seeing you soon.


TamaraRosierTamara Rosier, Ph.D.