Welcome New Leadership Team


The ACO Board welcomes Donna Hunter, Evan Kirstein, Jill Linkoff to their new positions on the Leadership TeamThe Leadership Team was created in 2007 for both development of leadership for the organization and to give members the experience of working on the ACO board without making a full two-year commitment.

Donna, Evan, and Jill will attend board meetings and participate in discussions, contributing when they see something that needs doing and that is a good fit for their interests, skills, and availability. I am delighted to introduce these three because each of them are thoughtful, educated, skilled – and willing to donate their time and energy to ACO.

Donna Hunter is a professional family coach with a specialization in parenting children with challenges, ADHD, parent educator, speaker, and a voice for parents of children with complex needs.  You can learn more about her at www.adhdparentpower.com

Evan Kirstein is an ADHD coach and he applies his extensive experience in education to work with adolescents, parents and professionals on behavioral management structures and positive reinforcement skills.  You can learn more about Evan at www.progressivegrowthcoaching.com

Jill Linkoff is professional life coach who specializes in working with adults, college students and parents of children with ADHD.  She is also certified as career coach, mindfulness coach and parent coach.  You can learn more about her at www.omgadhd.com

Some Leadership Team members have gone on to take full board positions.  Others take initiative for an ACO task or goal that they make their own and continue to contribute in that area well after their term has expired. Still others work on committees, or are just available for the occasional task when their particular expertise is a good fit. Whatever their futures hold for them in ACO, I am grateful for their willingness to contribute now.

Welcoming new team members means that the former leader team is stepping down. The past leadership team had one member, Keith Griffin. In addition to being an ADHD coach, Keith volunteered his over twenty years of IT expertise to ACO. Having his type of insight was a treasure for our board. Thank you, Keith, for sharing your time and talents.


TamaraRosierTamara Rosier, PhD, BCC
ACO President