Four Focused for ADHD

The ADHD Awareness Consortium (ACO, ADDA, CHADD and ADDitude magazine) met recently. The 2010 effort was an historical effort in that not two, not three, but four organizations worked effectively together to pull off a combined campaign. Continuing in that can-do collaborative spirit, ACO continues to astonish even ourselves by starting almost a year ahead to plan for 2011 (woo hoo!).

Laura Rolands has agreed to work with Sarah Wright on this effort and to be the ACO’s designated contact for the “save the date” announcements that the group is about to send out. Sarah commented, “I want to say thanks to Laura for stepping up in this way. I look forward to working together.”

Says Laura, “I am so honored to represent the ADHD Coaches Organization along with Sarah Wright on the ADHD Awareness Consortium. The consortium formed in 2010 between ACO, CHADD, ADDA and ADDitude Magazine is an exemplary display of what we can accomplish for ADHD awareness with great organizations collaborating. I look forward to representing the needs and input of my fellow coaches while working to further strengthen the consortium and increasing ADHD awareness. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.”

Laura Rolands