ADHD Awareness 2012, October 17, 2012

Get Activated – Join Coaches Worldwide in Celebrating ADHD Awareness Week


Being a member of the ADHD Awareness Team for ACO Coaches has its rewards. While giving our presentation on ADHD Awareness Week to ADHD Coaches around the world, we learned that Australia celebrated ADHD Awareness in September. However, due to our efforts, this member informed us, during the workshop, that she was able to change Australia’s celebration date to October in order to join and help create a more global effort. We thank you for that success.

We know that ADHD coaches often have ADHD and – as the ACO president has reminded us – sometimes we just need a little coaching ourselves to reach a goal. Awareness week is October 14th and is an important goal. This team has several suggestions for you to help bring awareness to your community. Here are just a few:

  • Show the video “ADHD and Loving it!?”
  • Donate books to a library
  • Offer free coaching sessions
  • Donate a magazine subscription to a doctor’s office or a school
  • Put on a presentation put together by the Awareness Team for ACO members
  • Speak at a CHADD support group

But some coaches will say, “Where do I begin?” All of this action takes planning and we know that faulty activation can stop us from moving forward. Recently, ADHD coaches have listened and learned how to setup their ADHD Awareness week plans in a two-part presentation put on by this awesome team. ACO Coaches learned about setting up a venue, working with media, gathering resources for presenting, discussed resources, ideas for projects, and received a calendar with deadlines to make it all happen, and more. And this team doesn’t stop there. We will be available to help you put together your ADHD Awareness event.

If you couldn’t get to one of the workshops, you can still get the information by listening to the recordings that will be posted on the website in the Member’s Toolbox. Go to the home page and on the link “login” click and select Toolbox. You’ll find the 1-hour recordings for parts 1 and 2, as well as the handouts. We hope you find time to listen in and start some chatter on the listserv about your ideas.

Your ACO Awareness Team

Members: Log in and listen to the 2-part recorded workshop to help you plan your own ADHD Awareness Day events in October.

In Part 1, the Awareness Team discusses a multitude of ideas to develop, how to secure a venue, costs, resources available, a 4-month planning calendar and more.

Part 2 walks you through a 24-slide presentation on ADHD, put together by ACO coaches around the globe. We help you think through how to present this information and how you can enhance the presentation with your own input.

Not a member? Ooo.. Join here!