Talent Pool at ACO

As ACO grows, the committees look for talent in the field of writing, marketing, advertising, graphics support, and for with working with our programs committee to choose relevant and fascinating educational content.

Do you have desire to dive into learning a new skill? What is it that you would like most to learn through the ACO? Do you want to become known in your local and international professional community? We know you’re professionals in the field of ADD but you have other skills, too. Come and swim with one of our committees and share your time and talents with the ACO Board members and Leadership Team:

  • Maureen Nolan and the Circle newsletter – On the look-out for several international editors, many writers, article ideas and more;
  • Joyce Kubik and the Programs committee – Joyce invites your talent in program/workshop development.
  • Susan Macintosh and the PR/Marketing/Advertising Committee – Susan has many opportunities for copy writing, graphics and advertising experience or plain enthusiasm to learn such.

Dive In!

Join in the learning and leadership of the ACO. Make your mark on how ACO develops, grows and makes a difference in the world.

It all starts with thoughts like: “I’m a coach to make a difference. The ACO makes a difference in my life. I can make a bigger difference in my life and in the world by working with ACO.”