We’ve been looking at our membership numbers and they are telling us that 2015 was a very good year!  An analysis of the number of new members who joined the ACO during 2015 over 2014, indicates an increase of 247%!  See the table below of a 6-year review.

Membership Chart 2015


Looking back, we increased our membership each month during 2015 with the most joining during the months of November and December.   How can this be explained?  A concerted effort by the ACO Board, committee members, volunteers, and our members was had through these initiatives over the past year:

  • The addition of coaching and business building programs.
  • Increased marketing efforts to other organizations.
  • Increase social media usage.
  • Outreach to coach training schools.
  • Change over to a vetted directory of our professional coaches.
  • Change to a one membership level.
  • Increase in subscriptions to our Circle Newsletter.
  • Expanding our reach and improving our promotional efforts resulting in a new name for our annual conference.
  • A new first- year membership discount program, as well as a new bundle deal with our upcoming International ADHD Professionals Conference.

We are proud of these accomplishments and take to heart the very real task of providing value to our new and returning members throughout the coming year.

Reported by your Membership Committee