We thought it might be fun to share with our readers what our members are writing about in their blogs.  So, we subscribed to those listed  and we’re paying attention.  We encourage members with blogs to post more!  And we encourage everyone to read what we’re talking about.  IF you have a blog, and it’s not listed in the list at the right, use the Contact ACO form and send us a link.

Here’s what we noticed in February

Pete Quily wrote in his blog, Adult ADD Strengths, about sleep problems for people with ADHD:

Sleep deprivation can look like ADHD and can be gasoline on ADHD symptoms. Ideally you want to get of the electronic stimulation boxes (surfing the net, playing video games, watching TV) at least an hour before bedtime in order to allow your racing ADHD brain to slow down enough to get to sleep. Not always easy I can say from personal experience, but very useful. Sleep hygiene is also important. Just use your bed for sleeping and sex, nothing more, try go to bed at the same time 7 days a week etc. Sometimes melatonin can be useful.

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Member coach, Becca Colao wrote about a slow day in her blog, Thinkythink:

And the thing is, on a day like today, on a spacey day like today, when I need someone else to tell me whether to eat the eggs or the ham and cheese let I stand in front of the counter for an hour … less work is what was going to happen anyway. But less work is some work, and it’s pretty darned good.

Can you relate?
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We hope these little snippets of member blog posts will encourage you to read what’s going on for other coaches. Leave a comment here if you think this is a good idea or not.