Sing Along with the ACO

Ken Zaretsky, ACO Founding co-volunteer

Ken Zaretsky was the first practicing ADHD Coach I came to know. A co-founder of the ACO, he was a mighty presence due in part to his skills, to his manner and in part to his physicality. As a newly minted ADDCA coach, I was unsure of my skills when I met him at ADDA in St. Louis, MO. There, I discovered Ken wanted ALL ADHD coaches to be more than be skilled – he wanted them united and making a living, and so began the tradition of ACO volunteerism.

Hit it, Ken! (Heavenly drumming of ‘Hello, Good-Bye’)

Lyrics from ‘Hello, Good-Bye,’ by the Beatles

You say “Yes”, I say “No”.
You say “Stop” and I say “Go, go, go”.
Oh no.
You say “Goodbye” and I say “Hello, hello, hello”.
I don’t know why you say “Goodbye”, I say “Hello, hello, hello”.

Drumroll continues…

The ACO members rolling off the ACO board are people who make more than a living – they make a difference on the board and at home.

Kay Axtel, former Membership Director

Kay Axtel has served as Membership Director for four years. You must meet her if you haven’t yet. The first thing you notice is her sparkling eyes and then her laughter, and she laughs often. She is equally ready to work and play. She is a mother and grandmother and is married to a hypnotherapist who like Kay, is ready to help out with whatever the ACO needs to be done. We appreciate getting two for one volunteer. They hale from Colorado.

Former Vice President, now Member at Large

Kricket Harrison has become a member-at-large on the board, shifting from responsibilities as vice president. She has that ability to jump in and organize ADHD coaches, not unlike herding cats! There is something wonderful and endearing and very human when our board members change their volunteer status because of family responsibilities. Kricket has stepped down in order to be available to one of her sons, a senior in high school. It is that time in a family when it’s important to just be available for the in-the-moment opportunity to love a little more, one last time in the way only a mother can love. Residing in Atlanta by way of Texas.

Ose Schwab
Ose Schwab, fun to get lost with

Ose Schwab is a big picture visionary. Taking on the position of Treasurer, not a stated area of her strength was a blessing for the ACO. Sometimes, it’s best not to know the ‘role’ so you can ask new and fundamental questions in order to get a handle on a job. In her unique way of thinking, she took on the role with the caveat that her term would be short-lived while she envisioned the perfect next volunteer Treasurer. Ose manifested Carolyn Skinner from outside the ACO. Ose is the real out-of-the-box thinker. I had a fun time with Ose getting lost for half an hour within a mile of the ACO conference on our way to a board dinner. She didn’t complain once and laughed the whole time with me (mind you, I was the Atlanta local!). Ose is involved with the international membership. Her bi-lingual skills are a bonus to the ACO!

Judith Champion, rolling into San Francisco

Judith Champion rocked the house at the 2012 ACO Conference. As conference chair, she awakened a spirit of public service with the theme “Undiagnosed ADHD is a Social Injustice.” Judith is rolling across the country this fall from her home in New Jersey to a new home in San Francisco. Mother and grandmother and wife, Judith takes her husband and her coaching practice with her to be available to her daughter’s family. Having traveled with Judith, I know that’s going to be a rock and rollin’ trip!

Susan Macintosh

Susan Mcintosh brought to the ACO its first truly international board member. She came to the ACO by way of Toronto and Australia along with a bi-hemisphere coaching practice. In her time on the board as Marketing Chair, she massaged professional and vendor relationships with a gentle yet proactive touch. Susan introduced me to the use of neuro-atypical as a way to express ADHD symptoms, an explanation that is short and meaningful. Her background in nursing is an added support for her lucky clients.

Today, Susan and her husband have businesses in Australia, the United States and Toronto, Canada. She stepped down last year for family joy – to prepare for a son’s wedding in Perth, Australia.