The Board Report is a regular feature of Circle. Every issue we fill you in on various things the board has been working on recently. We invite your comments and participation. If you’ve got a question or observation, feel free to contact any member of the board or use our Contact the ACO form here.

Congratulations to our new board members elected  November 21st, 2008

Our policy is to elect board positions about half each year. This year we elected the positioins of VP, Membership, Treasurer and Communications Chair.

  • Robb Garret was voted Vice President. He will continue as Marketing and PR Chair
  • Katherine Jahnke was voted Chair of Membership Services
  • Viveca Monahan was voted Treasurer
  • Kerch McConlogue was voted to remain Chair of Communications

Second semi annual meeting with the Professional Advisory Board

The PAB meeting was held on December 3, 2008. Sarah Wright, John Agno, Linda Anderson, Michele Novotni, and Pat Quinn in attendance. The topic was credentialing and how this affects the ACO. There were two general conclusions.

  1. The ACO is in a uniquely strong position as a professional community organization not tied to any credentialing body (This is uncommon in the professional membership organization world).
  2. Because we are not affiliated with a particular credentialing body, we can reach out to related coaching professionals who should be aware of ADHD and ADHD coaching techniques to help their many unidentified ADHD clients. Outstanding question is how do we attract those other people, even if only for a year as associate members?