Products Just For You – Sell Your Products

During the conference we will stock a store for conference presenters to sell their products (books, DVD, CD, tee shirts, etc.) to attendees.

We will manage the sales and issue a check to presenters for the net within two weeks following the event. If you’d like to sell products at the conference, we’ll need some information before the start of the conference.

Please complete and return the information, on the ACO 2011 Product Sales Request, listing all of the products you will provide for us to sell. Return this information no later, than April 20, 2011, as an attachment or cut and paste onto an email.

If you have any questions please call Pat Wood at  (302) 737-3674 or send an email to

See you at the conference store!

Pat Wood, SCAC, CNLP
ACO Book Sale Committee