When the Buddhas Moved In…

Maureen Nolan, Editor, CircleBuddhas moved in to my home in late August, brought by my new housemate. Yes, not just one but a group of buddhas now known affectionately as the crew. I knew my housemate was intuitively connected to Enlightened Beings (EB) but I didn’t discern that this would impact my life. After all, they aren’t visible to us; how much room can they take up? They can take up as much room as you give them, psychically, practically and spiritually. I have a very full home now.

We quickly settled in to life together. And here’s the secret: they are the best coaches I’ve ever met. My housemate is a former architect and had never been (humanly) coached, but it unfolded that the buddhas had been coaching her for months as she changed her life and began to create the enlightened and inspirational material provided by the buddhas. In the course of her personal life change, I stuck a toe into the vortex of activity and now enjoy a more complex relationship with Enlightened Beings than ever before. But they’ve been with me since I first intuitively said to myself as a child, ‘something’s wrong’ with my life.

Intuition Came Along, Too

My first ‘known’ contact with an EB happened after a weekend of meditation about thirty years ago. That following week I meditated alone and clearly heard that I should stop seeing a boyfriend. Well, I jerked up out of the meditation and said, ‘no sir, I’m not going to do that and I’m done with meditating, too!’ (By the way, we stopped dating by mutual consent shortly anyway).

All these years later I finally understand that it’s my intuition that I ‘heard’ and if I am quiet and in my right brain, I can ‘hear’ my intuition, these buddhas ‘speaking’ with clarity about issues important to me. And to assist in clearing the noise in my head I use a visual distraction device, like a key-chain with a weight on it to distract that logical left brain that interferes with intuition coming through.

Coaching Uses Intuition

How many times have coaches said ‘it’s about using our intuition’? I’m going to suggest that coaching is also about listening to the buddhas, the muses and those other little voices available to us, that if we stop listening to the noise we can hear. Enjoy a brief video about Using the Mind.