ACO member coach, Carrie Greene, ACC, was interviewed recently by the Newark, NJ Star Ledger about clutter and how to get rid of it.

Carrie tells us:

The article does not specifically address ADHD however just about everything in the article is relevant to clients who have ADHD. You already know that I think decluttering is important but here’s proof.

The Newark Star Ledger published the article  in the business section on June 12, 2009. Read the whole article here.

An article by itself may not be so impressive, but the fact that, in this economy, my picture alone takes up more space than an article titled “Bank of America chief Paulson pressured deal” says something!
This article goes into depth on:

• Where and how to get started
• How to make those tough “keep or let go” decisions
• How to store things
• Mistakes I see people make and how you can avoid them
• Organizing your schedule and
• Managing to-do lists

I work with people worldwide to help them declutter their space so that they can declutter their lives. If you know anyone who you think might benefit from my services please give them my contact information and I’ll schedule a strategy session with them so that we can assess what’s going on in their lives and how or if I can help them.

P.S. Yes, the picture really is my office.

About the author:

Carrie Greene, ACC is the owner of CarrieThru, Coaching & Organizing Services. She is the Organization & Time Management Expert at the National Association of H0me-Based Business Moms on line at  She can be reached by email at
and  by phone (973) 763-5504