The Fire is On

Celebrating the Heat of our ADHD Coaches Community

We did it, ACO!
72 coaches came together
in the spirit of unity, learning and growth, and enjoyed each other in so many powerful ways!

Our speakers received high marks for their inspiring presentations, challenging us and leaving us motivated and excited about the future. We networked together, conspired, shared ideas and made new alliances. The bar has been raised!

And the fire is burning, flames rising, challenging us to lift the bar higher. Your opinions and insights have been appreciated.

Next year’s conference committee is already at work planning for the most inspired conference yet. Conference 2011 will be in Chicago. The dates are April 29-May 1.

We’re expecting 100 coaches, with three breakout sessions to choose from instead of two (18 presentations to choose from!). Mark your calendars now!

We will seek speakers in the fields of positive psychology, neuroscience, business development for experienced coaches as well as for new coaches, and more.

We love your ideas. Please continue to share them with us.

What would totally thrill you to come to next year’s conference? Tell us. All ideas are valued.

Contact Viv Monahan or Susan Macintosh
Conference Co-Chairs 2011