By Sarah D. Wright, Editor.

The Vision of the ACO is a world in which ADHD coaches are known and highly prized, respected, and sought after for their ability to help clients achieve goals and realize their full potential; a world where every person living with ADHD knows about coaching, and can easily find and work with an ADHD coach who is a perfect match for their needs.

In the United States alone there are 1.5 million people who could benefit from working with an ADHD Coach, which means we still need to train thousands of coaches to meet the need. Because of the ACO’s commitment to this vision, every quarter we now celebrate those who have recently graduated from an ADHD Coach Training Program by listing their names here in Circle.

This month we are pleased to feature the recent grads from ADDCA, the recent grads from Tereasa Jones’ ADHD Coach Training Specialty Course at the Impact Coaching Academy, and the recent grads from Wilma Fellman and Victoria Roche’s Career Services Specialty Training.

To the grads: The ACO community celebrates your achievement and commitment. We also celebrate that there are now just that many more ADHD coaches to help make the difference we all want to see in the world.


If any of the following coaches are friends of yours, please reach out and congratulate them personally!

ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) Grads

Catherine Pietrow, ACCG
Dana Maher, ACCG
Nikki Kinzer, ACCG
Alice Martin, ACG
Brett Thornhill, ACG
Catherine Pietrow, ACG
Gillian Hayes, ACG
Jacinta Noonan, ACG
Monica Hassall, ACG
Monika Pompetzki, ACG
Nikki Kinzer, PACG
Alison Kravit, AAC
Anne Marie Nantais, AAC
Barbara Ryan, AAC
Carlene Bauwens, AAC
Diana Wallace, AAC
Faigy Leibermann, AAC
Hadas Sarfati, AAC
Jeremy Didier, AAC
Jill Costa, AAC
Jon Hassall, AAC
Kelly Ross, AAC
Krista Van Iderstine, AAC
Najla Imran, AAC
Paul Surette, AAC
Romaney Berson, AAC

Impact Coaching Academy’s
ADHD Coach Training Specialty Program Grads

Angelis Iglesias
Debbie Yonas
Hope Holman
Jenna Knight
Chipo Shambare

Career Services Specialty Training Grads

Dennis LaMountain
Melissa Rutherford

SarahDWrightSarah D. Wright serves at editor of the ACO’s monthly newsletter, Circle.
Sarah is a founding board member and past president of the ACO, and author of ADHD Coaching Matters: The Definitive Guide. Contact her at the ACO at, or privately at