With Barbara Luther, MCC, EFT-ADV, MA
and Jeff Copper, MBA, ACG, CPCC, PCC

Members can listen to a recording of this call recording January 19, 2011

Do you wonder about the getting certified as an ADHD Coach? This meeting is a great opportunity to ask your questions and to find out more about what is of greatest benefit for you and your future.

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Some of what will be discussed:

  • Should I get certified?
  • If I yes, by what organization?
  • Should I get certified as an ICF Coach?
  • Should I get PAAC certification as an ADHD Coach?
  • Should I get both? Why?
  • What is the difference between regular coaching and ADHD Coaching anyway?
  • What are the PAAC Competencies?
  • How are they different from the ICF Competencies?
  • Why are they necessary for coaching a person with ADHD?
  • What do I look for in a certifying organization?
  • What makes a certification valid and meaningful?
  • Who is the ADHD Coaching client?
  • How Is ADHD coaching just like regular coaching?
  • How is it different?

Join us to hear Barbara Luther, MCC and Jeff Copper, PCC answer the above questions and YOUR questions about getting certified as an ADHD Coach

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About PAAC (Professional Organization of ADHD Coaches)

PAAC is the global certifying and accrediting organization for the advancement of ADHD coaches and ADHD coaching.

The Professional Association of ADHD Coaches’ mission is to establish high standards of excellence in our ADHD certification and accreditation programs. We advocate for coaches and the profession of ADHD coaching, for the benefit of all individuals in need. To learn more, visit www.paaccoaches.org

About Barbara Luther, MCC, EFT-ADV, MA

Board President & Credentialing Director of PAAC
Co-founder of PAAC

Barbara has been a trainer for CoachInc since 1997, and she is currently the Director of Training at the ADD Coach Academy. Barbara has been very active with the ICF and its annual conferences through the years, speaking, volunteering, and serving for 6 years as Conference Bookstore Chair and as conference co-chair for the 2006 annual conference. She is a leader in her local St. Louis Coaches chapter, and she has been an active volunteer and speaker for ADDA. She is the author of The Heartful Business Plan, a business plan workbook for coaches, and co-author of the 1,000+ pages of the ADD Coach Academy training curriculum. She has overseen the successful ICF accreditation of ADDCA’s advanced training, and she is currently overseeing the accreditation application for ADDCA’s full training program.

About Jeff Copper, MBA, ACG, CPCC, PCC

PAAC Strategic Development
Jeff Copper, PCC, MBA, and professional member of ADDA, CHADD, and ACO is an attention coach and founder of DIG Coaching Practice LLC. He was schooled at the Coaches Training Institute and the ADD Coaching Academy and has a depth of life and personal experience, ranging from an internationally ranked athlete, sales leader, manager entrepreneur, chairman of a diverse local non-profit, and consultant. You can find Jeff and DIG Coaching Practice on the web at www.digcoaching.com. He is also the host of Attention Talk Radio (www.attentiontalkradio.com), an Internet-based radio show whose emphasis is on paying attention to attention to.


The ICF ADHD SIG, supported by the ADHD Coaches Organization (ACO) is a meeting place for ICF coaches to learn more about ADHD coaching. Learn how ADHD Coaching assists clients to stay focused on their goals, overcome obstacles, and address core ADHD-related issues like procrastination, rumination, organization, and self-esteem. Please join us to discuss your own challenges and those with ADHD clients and to share your concerns, strategies, and success stories.
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