CHADD held it’s 25th annual conference last month in Crystal City, Virginia. It was a beautiful venue just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. The three plenary sessions all addressed the importance of social skills, which is something I expect ADHD Coaches are going to be hearing and learning more about in the coming years.

In addition to what CHADD offers to other professionals, volunteers, and the general public, it was a great conference for ADHD Coaches. Over 40 of us attended, easily finding each other at any of three gatherings—ADDCA, JST Coaching, and CHADD’s Coach Networking Hour—which gave coaches lots of time to meet, talk shop, and have fun together.

Additionally, the coaching track was strong this year. Here’s a shout out to ACO members who brought us new and interesting things to consider.

  • Elizabeth Ahmann, who writes research reviews for Circle, presented on Using Research To Support Best Practice In ADHD Coaching
  • Paula Altschul and Alan Graham, along with others, talked about The Art Of The Start: Using Positive Psychology Interventions to Help Slay the Procrastination Dragon
  • Laurie Chester and her colleagues talked about Roadblocks And Remedies: Coaching ADHD Adolescents and Adults Around Life’s Obstacles
  • David Giwerc talked about Strength-Based ADHD Coaching: Why and How it Successfully Works for Adults with ADHD
  • Jodi Sleeper-Triplett talked about how to Increase Resiliency and Well-Being with ADHD Coaching
  • Elaine Taylor-Klaus and her partner presented on Mindful And Effective Communication In ADHD: Strategies For Adults And Parents
  • ACO Professional Advisory Board member, Rob Tudisco, spoke on High Risk To High Potential: Transition Issues for High School and College Students with ADHD
  • ACO Board member, Abigail Wurf, talked about Creating & Sustaining A Diverse ADHD Group in Your Community

Congratulations and thanks to everyone. Recordings of these presentations, and all the presentations from the conference should be available shortly at CHADD’s online store.