CHADD Plays Big in Disney World

November 10-12, 2011, Orlando, Florida, USA

ACO Editor
Maureen Nolan, Editor

The 2011 CHADD conference is ‘Creating Better Tomorrow’s‘ for everyone touched by ADHD. In one of the world’s largest playgrounds, serious workshops on ADHD are the center of attention for three days. This year at CHADD, several ACO ADHD coach members will present for the first time, be repeat presenters and attendees. ACO members from around the world will also gather in noisy groups to share, affirm and support ADHD coaching.

Will you attend? Would you be a scout for me?

The CHADD conference is a chance for me to be invigorated in the midst of my tribe. And to look for stories.

Stories are the life blood of our work.

It’s my story of late in life diagnosis; it’s a client’s story of why she didn’t marry because she knew something was wrong, but didn’t know what it was until her diagnosis in her ’40’s. It’s the story of children in prison because they brought the wrong implement to school and the student who starts smoking marijuana in order to ‘focus’ only to find that thirty years later they are an addict.

It’s also the story of the successful graduation from any school at any age because of good support from ADHD coaches and from the therapeutic community. One of my ADHD college clients talked about the layering effect of ADHD on top of ADHD, saying that ‘going to college is like having ADHD – too many things to do, to many decisions to make.’

The stories are also about people like Neil Peterson from the EDGE Foundation who has used his philanthropic bent to create coaching opportunities for college students with ADHD.

The stories are all out there to be told. What’s going on in your home, business, community and even your country that is an ADHD story?

Maureen Nolan