Lisa Joy Tuttle was interviewed on the University of Pennsylvania’s Penn Medicine web-site for her Group Coaching Program for adults. Her coaching program is part of UPenn’s Adult ADHD Treatment and Research Program, founded in 1999 by co-directors Anthony Rostain, MD, MA, and J. Russell Ramsay, PhD. Those in the program must either have an ADHD diagnosis, are being assessed for ADHD, or intend to seek assessment. The course serves as a community for those who experience executive function challenges associated with ADHD.

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LisaJoyTuttleLisa Joy Tuttle, MA, has been in the human development field for close to 25 years. As a life and wellness coach with a Masters degree in Applied Psychology, Lisa partners with her clients, providing support and accountability as they build positive habits and design lives of well-being and purpose. Lisa resides in Wynnewood, PA. You can contact her at 484-843-1569 and