Jodi Sleeper Triplett writes:

I am currently working with a Diversity Group through ICF DC Metro to gain insight into how to best coach students of color. The response to my request for help has been wonderful! The key point is that I am finding a need to include issues of cultural and racial diversity in coach training. CHADD has done work to connect with African American and Latino families, but in coaching, we have not stepped up to ask ourselves what we, a mostly white coaching community, can do to better serve adults and youth in diverse communities. Or to enroll more coaches of color into the coaching community.

Diversity remains an issue in ADHD Coaching. The field started by coaching adults affected by ADHD, then added college students and then youth. There are coaches specializing in coaching women and couples. There are even ACO members coaching felons. But ADHD Coaching remains largely a white, middle and upper class service, and there are so many more people who are in need of what ADHD Coaches have to offer.

Jodi, thank you for continuing to lead and inspire us!

JSTPhotoJodi Sleeper-Triplett has trained many ACO Coaches to coach ADHD youth. She is a pioneer in this field and author of Empowering Youth with ADHD: Your Guide to Coaching Adolescents and Young Adults for Coaches, Parents, and Professionals. She is also world-renowned for her coaching, training, media appearances, and presentations. You can contact her at

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