ACO professional member Phyllis Flood Knerr is editor of the newly published The ICD Guide to Collaborating with Professional Organizers: For Related Professionals. It is, as the title aptly tells us, published by the Institute for Challenging Disorganization as a manual and resource on collaborating with professional organizers.

Here is the blurb on the book from Amazon:

People whose disorganization undermines their physical and emotional well-being need the help of a team. This book lays the foundation for collaborative work- whether that means having one another as trusted resources or involves more integrated treatment efforts. In addition to an in-depth explanation of chronic disorganization, the book details models for collaborating with trained professional organizers. The book includes examples with therapists, ADHD coaches, hoarding task forces, state and local governments, clients and their family members, schools, and support groups. Case studies on ADHD, hoarding, and families in crisis illustrate the challenges and benefits of collaboration.

Among the many contributors are several ACO members including Denslow Brown, Cameron Gott, Lynne Johnson, Joyce Kubik, and Sarah D. Wright.

So congratulations to all of them, and in particular to Phyllis for making this great contribution and completing this monumental job!

Phyllis Flood Knerr is an organizer-coach who is a Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization (CPO-CD®) and has also received extensive training as an ADHD Coach for Adults. She works in South Jersey, the greater Philadelphia area, and across the country via telephone to help people organize their time, space and information. You can reach her via email, website, or phone: 856-429-5425

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