There’s a lot going on in the news for coaches this month. Two telesummits and one conference(!!!), all making great use of the expertise and talent of ACO members. Check it out. And congratulations to all our presenters.


Discover Your Resilient Self

Christie Grant, RN, is hosting a series of recordings on developing resilience in the face of parenting children with mental health challenges. You can gain free access to this series of pre-recorded sessions, specifically designed for parents like Christie, who have children who are struggling with mental health, just by signing up at Expert speakers include ACO members Laurie Dupar, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, and Diane Dempster.

Succeed With ADHD Telesummit

SucceedWithADHDMark you calendar (and register now) for this free live telesummit July 14-18, 2014. Being promoted to the general public, the tag line is: “Do you have ADD/ADHD and want to succeed? You Can! You just need to learn how…” Hosted by Laurie Dupar with many ACO members as presenters including: Billi Bittan, Alan Brown, Jay Carter, Jeff Copper, Diane Dempster, Sarah Ferman, Roxanne Fouché, Carol Gignoux, Tracey Goodwin, Alan Graham, Tara McGillicuddy, Dana Rayburn, Linda Roggli, and Elaine Taylor-Klaus.

ADDA conference

ADDAConference2014v2Join ADDA for its 25th Anniversary ADULT ADHD Conference, July 24-27 in Orlando, Florida. The theme of this year’s conference is “Celebrating the Progress of the Past and the Promise of the Future.” Celebrating with you will be many presenters who are also members of the ACO including: Billi Bittan, Alan Brown, Sherri Cannon, Jeff Copper, Terry Dickson, Laurie Dupar, Wilma Felman, Sarah Ferman, Michel Fitos, Cindy Giardina, David Giwerc, Joyce Kubik, Barbara Luther, Kirsten Milliken, Michele Novotni, Linda Roggli, Linda Walker, Robert Wilford, Sarah D. Wright, and Abigail Wurf.