By Sarah D. Wright, Editor

AbigailWurfAbigail Wurf was recently interviewed by Sheryl Stein for her aptly title article in The Washington Post (which has a circulation of almost half a million!), District’s Abigail Wurf coaches adults with ADHD. Stein also spilled the beans on Abigail’s upcoming book:

Wurf, whose book “Forget Perfect: How to Succeed in Your Profession and Personal Life Even If You have ADHD” comes out in February, enjoys helping people with ADHD find their strengths. “It’s so exciting because I see people move forward, and they are so excited about it,” she said. “ADHD doesn’t vanish, but you can really build a life.” By understanding her ADHD diagnosis and discovering her own strong suit in coaching, Wurf, too, has moved forward. I know now I can manage anything that’s thrown at me,” she said. “You develop resiliency, which is a gift.”

Congratulations Abigail on both your big interview and your upcoming book! Abigail coaches adults and couples with ADHD in the greater Washington DC area. You can contact her by phone at at 202-244-2234 or through her website at

Susan Lasky, who is also a professional organizer, is doing a lot with the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and the Institute for Challenging Disorganization to help their members better understand coaching and the challenges of ADHD. She writes:

I will be presenting at the 2015 NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) Conference in LA on “The Power of Saying NO, So You Can Say YES To What Really Matters.” I was also asked to design and present a teleclass for the ICD (Institute for Challenging Disorganization) on the Managing the Challenges Faced by When Transitioning from Employee to Manager.

SusanLaskyCongratulations, Susan, on getting some great exposure for yourself and for ADHD coaching! Susan Karyn Lasky MA, BCC, SCAC, is a Master ADD/ADHD Strategist, Productivity Coach, and Professional Organizer working in New York. She can be reached by phone at 914-373-4787 or through her website at

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