By Sarah D. Wright, Editor.

This month we want to sing the praises of two very hard working coaches!

ADHD Coaching Well Received in Belgium

First, Xavier Van Oost reports that his article on ADHD coaching has been published in the Belgian medical journal Neurone!

Xavier writes,

My article, based primarily on the information in ADHD Coaching Matters, The Definitive Guide, was published in October in the middle of Global ADHD Awareness Month, and represents 7 years of work from my side. I deeply thank you for your support and your approval to use your book as a resource. The feedback I received from psychiatrists was really positive!

Here is what the cover of the issue looks like. This article was published in both French and Flemish, so if you are fluent in either of those languages contact Xavier for copies.

Cover of Neurone with article on Coaching by Xavier Van Oost

Affiliate Coordinator of the Year

Second, Dale Davison (middle of photo) is CHADD’s 2015 Affiliate of the Year Coordinator! This is the nomination submission that won Dale that honor.

North Shore CHADD has nurtured a committed group that is a valuable resource to Chicago’s North Shore communities. Each month, the coordinator, Dale Davison, has arranged to have national and local experts provide attendees with education and information on ADHD pertinent information on topics such as SLEEP, PROCRASTINATION, PARENTING, WORK, RELATIONSHIPS, SCHOOL AND SPECIAL EDUCATION, ORGANIZATION… We have been fortunate enough to have had Ari Tuckman, Alan Brown, and Eric Tivers on Skype, lecturing on various topics and answering member questions. She frequently invites local doctors, therapists and educators to our meetings in order to teach and inspire. Dale has assembled a core group of parent and adults with ADHD to support the community in CHADD’s mission to provide research based information and resources to the ADHD community. Dale’s expertise, dedication, and accepting and encouraging presence has created a safe haven in the North Shore for us ADHDer’s to learn, grow, succeed, connect and belong.


Congratulations to both Dale and Xavier! Such a gift to those affected by ADHD and such an inspiration to us all! You can contact Dale via her website at, and Xavier via email or LinkedIn.

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