By Sarah D. Wright, Editor

In this issue we’re featuring not just one, but three ACO member coaches who have been all over the news lately, both together and separately:
Cindy Goldrich, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, and Diane Dempster.

To start off, in May, Margarita Tartakovsky of Psychcentral interviewed both Elaine and Cindy for a great article on 12 Ways to Help Kids with ADHD Get Things Done.

In June, Elaine’s article, Bringing the ADHD Debate Into Sharper Focus, Part 3: The Importance of Adult Diagnosis for the Whole Family, was featured in the Huffington Post.

Then, in August, Diane and Elaine, who are the driving force behind had three teleseminars in three days (!), hosted by three of our most respected ADHD advocacy organizations:

Then, on August 22, Elaine was the featured Inspirational Luminary on, sharing her wisdom on how to avoid a mid life crisis. You can read her article here. (Editor’s addendum: With the help of this community and others who liked and share this article, on September 3 it was reposted on, which has a subscriber base of over 25 million people! Congratulations Elaine!)

Diane Dempster and Elaine Taylor-Klaus have been in business for less than four years, but their hard work and persistence have paid off. Congratulations to you both! Elaine and Diane can be contacted through their website at

When Cindy Goldrich wrote last fall that she had just done her first full day teacher training — teaching regular education teachers about learning and the brain, ADHD and Executive Functioning (she even got rave reviews!), she was asked how that had come about. She responded,

Persistence. I do a tremendous amount of outreach on Long Island. I do public speaking whenever/wherever I can. My way of giving to the community, and getting my name out.

Additionally, I have attended CHADD for several years as well as other conferences (Learning and the Brain on Executive Function, Collaborative Problem Solving) so I have a tremendous amount of very relevant, current knowledge that today’s teachers and professionals don’t really have. I do have a Masters in Education and that may have opened some doors as well, but I believe it is more based on the proposals I have sent and the speaking/exposure. For me, the bottom line is that we need to make the schools aware so they can help the kids. That can only happen with education…

But giving her first full day teacher training was just the first milestone she has blown through this year.

Because of her reputation in this area, and just because she wasn’t busy enough already, Norton Publishers approached her to write a book about Parenting Children with ADHD for their 8 Keys to Mental Health Series, and she agreed. Look for that title coming out in a few months.

And finally, the Long Island Professionals ADHD Consortium (, an organization Cindy helped found and has been leading for the last two years, has just become a 501(c)3. She believes this collaborative approach is the best way to really help those with ADHD. And it helps the participating professionals as well because they get the benefit of professional community and sharing many things that allow them to strengthen professionally and build their businesses. She writes:

The Long Island Professionals ADHD Consortium (LIPAC) is dedicated to supporting, treating and advocating for individuals with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder) and Executive Functioning challenges. Our purpose is to network, share resources, and explore the latest research and treatment of ADHD.

LIPAC is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of professionals who specialize in providing services for persons diagnosed with ADHD. Professions represented include Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Educational Therapists, Lawyers, Parent, Student, and Adult ADHD and Life Coaches, Neuro-Psychologists, Advocates, etc.

If anyone is interested in starting their own Professional ADHD Consortium, I would be happy to help them.

Thank you Cindy, for your persistence, for all you do, for all you give, and for offering to help other coaches found their own Professional ADHD Consortiums! Cindy can be contacted by email at

By the way, are you a coach in the news?
– Has there been a print article about you somewhere?
– Were you on the TV or radio?
– Are you speaking someplace?
Let the rest of us know. Inspire us to do similar things in our own communities and let us celebrate your success with you!
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