ACO professional member, Mindy Katz, and ACO Professional Advisor Board Member, Terry Matlen, were interviewed by PsychCentral’s associate editor, Margarita Tartakovsky, on the topic of how to make good decisions when you have ADHD. You can read the article here: Adults & ADHD: 8 Tips to Make Good Decisions.

Margarita Tartakovsky frequently writes excellent articles on ADHD for PsychCentral’s World of Psychology, which is the Internet’s longest running psychology and mental health blog. Our thanks to her for her good work in helping to educate the public with accurate information about ADHD.

An Additional Bit of Good News

Every month the Journal of Attention Disorders notes their 50 most viewed articles. In December 2013, two of the top 50 were articles on coaching, and there are only seven articles that mention coaching in the entire JAD!
In case you’re curious, the articles were:

So ADHD Coaching Research is a topic of interest to more than just the ACO. If you are interested in learning more and perhaps getting involved in conducting research, please contact our Research Committee Chair at

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