By Sarah D. Wright, Editor.

This summer, our members have clearly dialed it down a bit (and deservedly so!), so there has been very little to report.

  • Casey Dixon writes that she was interviewed for an article on ADHD and the benefits of Mindfulness training, by Kimberly Marselas of
  • And Coach Rudy Rodriguez, LCSW, writes that he gave a six hour (!) presentation “Time Management for Unmanageable People” to healthcare professionals at the Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System in Spartanburg, SC.

So, Coaches, LISTEN UP! With October and ADHD Awareness Month just around the corner, I expect to hear from members around the globe about how they were or will be in the news, spreading awareness of the facts about ADHD! Together we will inspire each other and change how the world percieves and lives with ADHD!

By the way, are you a coach in the news?
– Has there been a print article about you somewhere?
– Were you on the TV or radio?
– Are you speaking someplace?
Let the rest of us know.
Inspire us to do similar things in our own communities and let us celebrate your success with you!
Send us the info here.