Kudos to another ADHD coach and activist!

Coach Linda Walker, who lives in Montreal and coaches in both English and French, is having a BIG impact.

She was honored to be selected as one of three ADHD experts in the province of Quebec for a pharma-sponsored PR campaign to promote ADHD Awareness in adults. Additionally, she hired her own PR person to help her promote ADHD Awareness Month.

Here’s what happened:

  • 10/03 — an interview with Laurie Betito on CJAD Radio’s The Passion Show about ADHD and Relationships. Listen to it here.
  • 10/09 — an interview published by a very popular French business news agency, Les Affaires, with an article about ADHD and the Workplace. Read it here.
  • 10/16 — an interview with Jeff Copper of Attention Talk Radio about the Impact of ADHD on the Economy. Listen to it here.
  • 10/21 – an interview with Camille Ross on Global TV’s The Morning Show about ADHD in Adults. View it here.
  • November 2013 – Two additional print articles and an interview with City TV. Contact Linda for details.

Even with that impressive exposure, Linda comments:

“Even if ADHD Awareness Month is over, building ADHD awareness is a year-round effort. We can’t be satisfied until ADHD no longer holds the stigma it does today and all people with ADHD get the treatment they need.”

Additionally, as Chairperson of the Workplace Issues Committee at ADDA, Walker and her team have created a presentation directed at business owners and HR on ADHD in the Workplace and a survey on
Did You Disclose Your ADHD at Work?

Congratulations Linda! You are an inspiration.

Linda Walker, PCC, is a professional member of the ACO. She is Chairperson of the Workplace Issues Committee at ADD.org, serves on the board of PAACcoaches.org, and frequently collaborates with the folks at TotallyADD.com. She is the creator of The Maximum Productivity Makeover for Creative Geniuses, a training program for adults with ADHD, and the author of With Time to Spare. She can be reached at CoachLindaWalker.com

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