Meet Me In Reston!
Reston, VA

The planning team is expecting record numbers this year! So be sure to check your emails and join us on Facebook to keep current on all the tips and details for a great conference experience.

As always, you can count on earning CEU’s approved by ICF and PAAC.
Remember that at Pre-conference more CEUs are available. But remember, that there are very limited spots available for Thursday’s events. Special thanks to Laurie Dupar PCC, Jodi Sleeper-Tripplet, and Rudy Rodriguez for the pre-conference classes that will increase the value of your conference dollar!

Where will the CEU’s come from? Check out this year’s schedule to see how you can earn CEU’s towards your coaching certification!


Our attendees indicate that they find networking at the conference to be every bit as valuable as the conference itself. Don’t miss it!!!

Tell the World!!!

There is still time to forward this information to a few of your favorite coach friends to make it a group outing! The more the merrier! Chances are you have a few friends or colleagues who would benefit from this event. Registrations continue to come in. And, the
ADHD Professionals Conference is bound to be fun filled and educational. You won’t want to miss it!

Attend your way! Single day or full event!

Can’t make the full event? No worries! There are single day tickets available. With over 25 sessions covering everything from:

  • meditation to marketing
  • organization skills to online sales funnels
  • classes to improve business and coaching practices

You are bound to find many workshops to improve and benefit your business.

As a conference participant, you can also take advantage of a super discounted price on accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Reston. Just use the conference discount code available here to book your room by April 7th!

Need a professional headshot?

Goodhart Photography is pleased to offer ACO attendees very special rates on their professional headshot. If you book your session today, you will pay just $35 for your headshot, and you will receive a complimentary black and white conversion of your headshot. Contact to Book Now!

Advertise your business!

If you have a coaching business (or any other business) that you would like to advertise to our professional and public attendees make sure to get your print ready ad to us today! The cost is as little as $25! Contact and Order Today!

What’s Up Thursday Night? Barbara Luther is!

With your full conference registration, you have access to the Thursday Night Open House from 6-8:30 pm. This event will demystify coaching for many in the public who have never worked with an ADHD coach.

With support from Fusion Academy of Washington D.C., TotallyADD, Barbara Luther, and Harold Payne, and Mrs Virginia, Marta Bota, we will be showcasing the power of ADHD coaches and the coaching model. Additionally, this will be an opportunity for our coaches to attract new clients and act as ambassadors for the field of ADHD coaching.

Dr. Sean Wise – The Entrepreneurship mentor

On Friday, we’re excited to have as our keynote speaker a celebrated business speaker and one of North America’s leading entrepreneurship mentors with an unmistakable passion for business – Dr. Sean Wise. He will share his skills that have helped entrepreneurial organizations jump on the trajectory and turn a profit. He is a Professor of Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University, a seed stage investor, an award-winning author, a leading columnist for the Huffington Post and was a featured consultant on Canada’s popular Dragons’ Den (aka Shark Tank) business reality show series. In all roles, Sean Wise helps business dreams become profitable realities. I can’t wait to see him and the other great keynotes!

Who Will Be the Next Founders Award Honoree?

One of our favorite highlights of the conference is the Founder’s Award ceremony. With the musical stylings of Harold Payne, it is sure to be a night to remember! Nominations are collected in January of each year, solicited from the board, the ACO membership, and the ADHD coach community at large. The recipient is someone who is making or has made a unique, impactful, selfless contribution to ADHD coaches and ADHD Coaching and/or the ACO. The recipient must demonstrate and promote the values and vision of the ACO. Come see for yourself who accepts our 2016 Founder’s Award.

Thanks Sponsors

Sponsors for this year’s event offer many resources for those building a successful coaching business! We are happy to introduce those who are generously partnering with the ADHD Professionals Conference. Join me in thanking these supporters…

Brandit Pro Web

Brandit Pro Web Design developed and hosted our new conference website. I hope you agree that it has been a fabulous resource for highlighting our speakers, presenters and events. Brandit also knows how to position your online business by highlighting your skills and services. Find out more about Brandit Pro Web Design’s services here.

Mailings Unlimited

. . . has provided all the printing and signage for our conference and public event. This includes the Conference Program and Advertisers Program. Programs offer ways for those outside the coaching field to connect to the resources we offer. Professional attendees can also peruse local businesses and products to add to their coaching business and conference experience. Paul and his team at Mailings Unlimited offer print and mail services that can get you connected to those who want to know your business! Check out their services here.


A special ‘thank you’ to our sponsors at Fusion Academy of Washington D.C for creating opportunities for students needing a non traditional approach to education by allowing them to really shine! Like coaches, educators at Fusion Academy, provides learning to individuals, not masses. We’re excited to have them learning with us, meeting the needs of bright and creative students.


Totally ADD! knows the value of ADHD coaching. One of the largest proponents of ADHD getting the support you need for your ADHD, they have put their money where their mouth is by writing, producing and distributing information on living with ADHD. By sharing their video on ADHD coaching at Thursdays evening event will allow coaches to further impact those looking for services and resources.

Exhibitors – Looking forward to seeing you there!

Booth #1

ADDA-The Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) connects adults with ADHD with the help they need. We create ADHD awareness and offer science-based information through articles, Webinars, virtual programs and live events. ADDA creates hope for adults with ADHD through stories and connection with others living successfully with ADHD. And ADDA connects adults with ADHD with professionals who help them succeed. Our best hope for empowering adults with ADHD is to help them connect with those best qualified to offer that help. ADDA has long worked with the community of ADHD professionals, and we will continue to do so.

We launched a new Web site, newsletter and mobile app. We’re reaching more adults with ADHD than ever, many of them newly diagnosed. Continuous demand for professionals prompted us to launch a new professional directory where ADHD professionals can promote their services to adults with ADHD who need them. We provide even more opportunities for our professional members to publish articles, post events on our community calendar, giving Webinars and leading virtual support groups. ADDA wants adults with ADHD to succeed, and the best way to make that happen is to help ADHD professionals succeed. Learn how ADDA can help you.

Booth #2

TotallyADD-With a unique mix of humor and humanity, TotallyADD has helped thousands of people to get diagnosed, find a treatment plan, and get ongoing support for Self Care. We offer 24/7 access to scores of free videos featuring the best experts in the world. As well, there are Blogs, Webinars, Newsletters, Friday Funnies and downloadable tools. Our shop offers full-length programs covering every aspect of ADHD: Coaching, Mindfulness, Medication, Holistic Solutions. Many videos focus on practical tools and strategies. Others offer sage advice on relationships, parenting, emotional-sensitivity, anger, disclosure, and dealing with people who are hostile or dismissive of ADHD. Specific videos focus on children in elementary and high-school, the challenges of college, and finding the right career. Many doctors, therapists, coaches, and mental health professionals refer patients to our site to learn what ADHD is and what you can do about it. By providing essential education and by de-stigmatizing this condition, frees up doctors, therapists, and coaches to focus their energy on counseling, setting goals, and medical treatments. As one member stated, “You made it okay for me to have ADD.”

Booth #3

Angela J. Harrington is a passionate life coach who co-creates massive momentum with her clients. She loves moving women entrepreneurs from stuck to living their dream! Her ideal client is someone who is willing to embrace their creativity, explore life outside of the traditional box, and blaze their own trail! She helps coaches, authors, and business women break out of their warm market by leveraging the power of social media. Angela combines rigorous life coach training with 20+ years of business, marketing, customer service, event promotion, and administration to create a powerful coaching and consulting practice. Monthly she reaches 230,000 people in 40+ countries on her social media and blogging platforms. Angela is also a wife, mother of five, and the founder of Broken Beautiful BOLD Womens Ministry. Connect with Angela at and claim your free business building training at

Booth #4

The Amen Clinics Method represents a true paradigm shift in mental health, using detailed histories, neuro imaging, cognitive and emotional testing, and labs to obtain personalized diagnoses and treatment plans. You can learn more about their services here.

Booth #5

Fusion Academy is a revolutionary community of learning for students in grades 6-12 that uses positive relationships and personalized learning solutions to unlock academic potential and create opportunities for emotional and social growth. Fusion serves kids-from high-achieving to underachieving, from those with anxiety and depression to those with ADHD, and every combination therein. The one theme that connects all of our students is that they want or need something different than what is offered in the traditional system. Our students graduate prepared to follow their unique paths as emotionally aware, compassionate, tolerant and resourceful independent critical thinkers. Key aspects of our program include: One-to-one Education: Everything from pace to instruction to the style of teaching is tailored to each student. Every classroom has just one teacher and one student.

Flexible Scheduling: With classes anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., semesters starting at anytime of the year, students have freedom to pursue their dreams outside school. Arts and Music: each campus is equipped with state-of-the-art recording studio and full mixed-media art studio, providing students with an outlet for creative expression. Coaching and Mentoring Support: We partner with outside professionals to support students’ emotional health and help foster the balance between learning and life. Homework Cafe: Each student completes their homework under teacher supervision in the Homework Cafe before leaving for the day, giving families peaceful evenings together at home.

Booth #6

Navigating ADHD, Inc. is a solutions based approach to supporting families whose lives are affected by ADHD. Cofounders Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M. Ed, Specializing in ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching and Holly Oberacker, Art Therapist, LMHC co-authored the award winning book Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD and are happy to announce the launch of ADHD ARTGuides™.

Navigating ADHD, Inc.’s latest tool teaches parents, coaches and clinicians how to utilize art and the creative process to help treat ADHD. The partners believe an ADHD diagnosis holds vast strengths and potential. The benefits for using art are countless. One can easily tap into the creative process, which focuses energy and attention. Art accesses the imagination, has no boundaries, and elicits self-expression. There is no right or wrong in the creative process, freeing the creator to use art in the moment. The ADHD brain can channel its swirling energy into this creative outlet. When children are supported with the right strategies for their individual needs, they will flourish and grow. Navigating ADHD, Inc. offers Medical Health Counseling, Art Therapy, ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching, Keynotes and Training for Coaches, Clinicians, Educators and Parents. Contact them here today.

Booth #8

Cam Gott-The Coach Approach program is ICF-accredited ADHD coach training. Opened to trained coaches, our CCE-qualified Advanced Courses provide innovative coaching strategies to support a process/journey of substantive change (developing emerging awareness into anchored action). Executive functioning challenges respond to fresh, individualized approaches on productivity, motivation, time (self) management, ADHD education, and body-based coaching. Our Foundation Program for professional organizers and productivity specialists grounds students in a classic coach framework followed by specific coaching approaches for clients with EF-impacting stress. Graduate training leads to four certifications recognizing certified organizer coaches, ADHD organizer coaches and productivity leadership coaches — and a streamlined pathway to ICF ACC and PCC-level credentials.

Booth #9

XLR8 Success team of coaches help professionals, students, businesses and families clearly identify their unique visions of success and acquire the tools needed to achieve that success. Services include Productivity and Efficiency Training, ADHD Coaching and Consulting, and Professional Organization. Find them here.

Booth #10

CHADD-Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD), is a national non-profit, tax-exempt [Section 501(c)(3)] organization providing education, advocacy and support for individuals with ADHD. In addition to our informative website, CHADD also publishes a variety of printed materials to keep members and professionals current on research advances, medications and treatments affecting individuals with ADHD. These materials include Attention magazine, Attention weekly, a free electronically mailed current events newsletter, as well as other publications of specific interest to educators, professionals and parents. See more here.

Booth #11

Wristlists-Beginning at an early age, one of our co-founder’s children was losing stuff and forgetting to do things. Outerwear, lunch boxes, and assignments rarely made it home from school. Completing the task-at-hand became frustrating for all involved at home, school and practice. In an effort to address her ADD diagnosis with natural interventions, he designed the first Wristlist and results exceeded expectations. A third-party tested others and realized similar positive results of more successful daily outcomes and even acceleration of executive function programs!

ADHD coaches were gaining a virtual presence with clients, so ADDitude magazine and CHADD took notice. Now it’s our mission to support kids, adults and seniors from all walks-of-life in keeping unique priorities “in sight/in mind”. Our high-quality silicon bands are stylish, durable and comfortable. They are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. Users can attach or remove plates or small badges that are laser engraved to their specifications. They can also add colorful icon badges or substitute bands. It’s all up to the user and tactful engravings are small enough that personal inscriptions remain private! Ryan will customize a Wristlist for you at ACO!

Booth # 12

Laurie Dupar, Senior Certified ADHD Coach, Certified Mentor Coach and trained Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, specializes in working with clients of all ages who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD and wants to finally understand how their brain works, minimize their challenges and get things done! In 2015 she founded the International ADHD Coach Training Center (IACTCenter) where she trains and mentors emerging ADHD coaches to help them build a successful and profitable coaching business they love. At the IACTCenter. Laurie offers quarterly ADDvance Your Business Retreats to assist coaches with various business building components.

Unmasking the Conference Superheroes

Conference Chairs, Kirsten and Deshawn would like to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ to our great team who has pulled this conference together! ACO members from Portland, Oregon to Reston, Virginia have been using their laser focus and mind bending talents.  Our goal for conference attendees is to CONNECT with ADHD colleagues, grow COACH techniques and CREATE the business of their dreams!

A special ‘THANKS’ to Nancy Bean, conference co-chair, who hand-picked every detail of the nutritious meals with the hotel chef with you in mind. We also have several ‘rock stars’ on the team living in the Reston area who were instrumental in connecting us to local agencies and those wanting to partner with us. Thanks to JoAnn Skinner and Pat Hudak.

To our STELLAR marketing team who have grown the ACO reach with their great content and engagi8ng conversation. ACO Marketing Board Director, Jenna Knight, with the help of Jill Linkoff, Christine Kotik and Lollie Week have all put their superpowers together lead by Social Media Platform builder, Angela Herrington. This team has dramatically increased our visibility and engagement with other ADHD Professionals, increasing the ADHD coaching influence! It has been very exciting to see the connection ACO has made to the local small businesses in the area.

Open House Event

Many of you know Lee Rozycki from past conferences. She has once again added enormous value to the conference; taking the lead in organizing our new Open House event and participating in almost every other aspect of planning the rest of the conference.

Finally, planning and organizing this year’s conference has been fun, exhausting, challenging, and inspiring. We have built on the momentum from the previous year’s conference and want to continue to elevate the value you gain from attending the conference. This has been our baby for a year. We trust that you will enjoy yourself as much as we enjoyed planning this 9th annual International ADHD Professionals Conference for you!

See you at the conference!