Gearing Up

This year’s conference is one that will be talked about…you will not want to be the one in the room who says, “Yeah, I wasn’t there.” From day one we are turning up the volume with more learning, connecting, and fun. Attendees, speakers, special events, sponsors, and the community of Reston, Virginia will make this year’s conference worth the trip.
The ADHD Coaches Organization members will be joined by teachers, organizers, mental health professionals, medical providers, business coaches, and other professionals who work with ADHD clients. for an amazing 4 day event.
As a teaser, one of this year’s sponsors, Totally ADD, has graciously shared a portion of their video, ADD & Coaching: You Don’t Have To Go It Alone. You can watch the video by clicking here and using the password ACOMEMBER (All caps.)
Entertainment value will be enormous, largely because Harold Payne is joining us again! Last year he was identified by our members as one of the most memorable part of the conference. From his Adults Doing the Happy Dance song, to his playful energy and engaging presentations. You will not want to miss his performances during the Open House event and throughout the conference.
Register now…pass it on to a friend who would kick you if they knew you did not tell them about this year’s conference.
Can’t come to the full conference? This year we are offering a one day registration for either Friday or Saturday. It does not include the Thursday night event or Friday night‘s Founder’s Award Dinner. Please consider sharing one day registration information with colleagues who live in the area.
See you at the conference!