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ACO Conference Logo Rev4Do you wan to be part of something spectacular?  If you are an influencer, an entertainer, an educator, a coach, and want to have an impact in the world of ADHD coaching then we want you! The 2016 ACO conference in Reston Virginia will be releasing our RFP (Request for Proposals) for potential speakers to be part of what will undoubtedly prove to be the best ACO conference yet.  We are looking for presentations on the topics of Building Your Business and ADHD Coaching.  Presenters will be offered opportunities to present their ideas as well as build their own businesses as part of this conference.

Because we are all about ADHD, we are doing things differently this year. I’m going to give you a hint—video is involved! We are asking that proposals include a 1-2 minute video showing us your mad presentation skills! That’s more than a hint… I may as well tell you the rest! We are looking for best teaching practices from our presenters this year. Face it folks- most of us have ADHD. We need to be entertained to keep our interest! How will you engage the ACO audience?

To help you with this, the ACO’s Tamara Rosier and Kirsten Milliken will be holding a teleconference session on:
>>>Details for the teleconference and the RFP can be found HERE

Please share this invitation with any ADHD coaches, educators, entertainers, business coaches or others who you think would bring value to this year’s conference!


(You’ve Got to Read This to Believe It!!!)

Wondering about the keynote speaker lineup for the 2016 ACO Conference in Reston Virginia? Well your wait is over! We have some spectacular keynotes lined up for you at the coming conference.

TheNakedEntrepreneurLogoFirst up is Dr. Sean Wise, the Naked Entrepreneur, who is part of the Oprah Winfrey Network. Dr. Wise is a professor of Entrepreneurship at Ryerson University and has a passion for helping businesses turn a profit. Back up…. did you read that this guy is on the Oprah Network? He’s amazing! Read about Dr. Wise and his contribution to the conference on our speaker page.

RonCatesLogoOur next speaker, Ron Cates, has been deemed a “digital marketing icon” by Forbes. Ron is an award winning business leader who serves as ConstantContact’s email and social media marketing expert. Ron will be sharing insight into marketing that will help you take your business to the masses. Don’t miss this one!

DaleArcherLast, but in no way least, we have also secured Dr. Dale Archer!!! Dr. Archer is in the midst of his publicity tour for his latest book, The ADHD Advantage: What You Thought Was a Diagnosis May Be Your Greatest Strength He will be taking a breather in April to join us in Reston to share his insights on the Superpowers of the ADHD brain and how we can help ourselves and our clients leverage these to our best advantage.

Don’t Miss Out On Our Amazing Sponsorship Opportunities!!!

Each of our keynotes is offering special opportunities for sponsors to learn from them in a one-on-one setting during our conference. If your company would like to sponsor one of this year’s speakers and benefit from their undivided attention please contact us at and put “Sponsor” in the subject line. We will be announcing the details of this on our website in coming weeks.

Your 2016 ACO Conference Co-Chairs

DeShawn Wert – “As an 2016 ACO International Conference Chair, I’m committed to helping grow the profession and getting the ADHD Coaching model out to the masses! I think ADHD coaching is one of the best kept secrets out there… in terms of effectiveness especially with those with ADHD who are willing to take action!” – Contact DeShawn at the ACO at or privately at

KirstenMillikenRound Kirsten Milliken, PhD“As one of three Chairs for the 2016 ACO conference, it is my intention to bring a broader awareness of ADHD Coaching to professionals in a variety of fields. I want our conference to be inspirational, educational and phenomenally fun! An experience that everyone will be talking about and taking action on in their personal and professional lives long after the conference ends.” Contact Kirsten at the ACO at or privately at or

Nancy Bean Nancy Bean – “As one of the 2016 International Conference Chairs, I am committed to increasing awareness of ADHD and the ACO’s membership on a grand scale. We will combine forces to create a memorable and inspirational experience that builds on those of the past.” Contact Nancy at the ACO at