Speakers and Sessions Announced

April 30-May 2, 2010
Chicago, IL

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Regular Break-Out Sessions

Speaker Topic Category
Russ Ramsay, Joyce Kubik, Linda Anderson Life Coaching, ADHD Coaching, and CBT for Adult ADHD: Compare and Contrast Bridge-Building to Larger Community
Jeff Copper The Science of Similar Advanced Coaching and Mentoring
Alan Graham and William Benninger Working Memory Training: Research and Practice Neuroscience for coaches
Chana Klein Is it ADD or ASD? How Autism Spectrum Disorder Differs from ADHD in How it Manifests and Implications for Coaching Neuroscience for coaches
Robert Garrett Masterful Coaching Clinic Advanced Coaching/Mentoring (Coaching demonstrations)
Linda Roggli Techno-bling for Coaches: What Works and What Doesn’t Technology and the on line community
Daniel Pruitt Coaching ADHD Plus: Executvie Dysfunction, Working Memory, Tourette Syndrome, Obsessive-Compulsives Disorder and other Co-Morbid Disorders Neuroscience for coaches
Sandra DeFrietas Online Communities and Membership Sites: What every ADHD coach needs to know about online communities and how to create your own! Technology and the online community
David Gwierc Coaching the World’s ADHD Brains to Empower Human Global Gains Neuroscience for coaches
Laurie Dupar “Dopamine Boosters”, ADHD Medications and Neurobiology of the Brain Made Simple Neuroscience for coaches
Sarah Wright Developing a Strong Referral Network Bridge-building to the larger community

Pre-Conference Sessions

Linda and Victor Roggli Sailing the Seven Cs to a Remarkable ADHD Relathionship: Coaching ADHD Couples back to Intimacy Advanced Coach Training
Barbara Luther Understanding the ADHD Brain for Successful Weight Management Neuroscience for coaches

Early Morning Personal Development Choice

Ira Dressner Release Stress with the Tibetan and Crystal Bowls Personal Development