Here are several updates about the exciting developments with the 2016 ACO Conference.

Two Degrees of Separation from Oprah (Yes, THE Oprah)
Dr. Sean Wise, The Naked Entrepreneur, is featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and will be our keynote speaker on Friday.  You do not want to miss this talk!  Also, one lucky sponsor will get to spend one-on-one time with Sean.

The 2016 conference is aimed at helping our coaches build their business and further develop their coaching skills.  We will be introducing you to speakers and businesses that can support you to develop your brand and attract more clients.

Build Your Business While At Conference
To help you get off to a great start we are introducing a new event to increase your visibility to your clients and bring awareness about ADHD coaching to the community in and around Reston, Virginia.  This event will take place on Thursday night and is included in your full conference registration.  Our team is really excited by this venture.  Kudos to ACO member and Reston resident, Jo Ann Skinner, for her support and enthusiasm.

Get the Word Out
Everything is more fun with a friend! Our entire program is being produced with the intent to attract coaches and other professionals in ADHD and related fields.  For example, we have contacted professionals who work with the chronically disorganized, mental health practitioners, and educators of ADHD students.  These colleagues can learn as much from us as we can learn from them.  We are encouraging them to attend as well as speak at the conference.

Want to be a Speaker at this Outstanding Event?

Here is the Request for Presentation (RFP).
• You can get the inside scoop on what we are looking for in a proposal by listening to a teleconference on the components needed for submission.
• Checkout the ACO Presenter Rubric, which also gives guidance in identifying a successful submission.
• Remember, those submissions are due by November 1st.  Please help us share this information with colleagues!

“I Helped”
This spectacular conference event will take all hands on deck.  We are looking for volunteers who are willing to help now, as well as, during the conference April 29-May 1. If you are interested in helping with this event in anyway, contact the conference chairs directly at

Want to know one simple thing you can do to help the conference committee? Join us on the ACO 2016 FB page. We are asking members for input on topics and interests as we plan the conference.  Here is a chance to weigh in before the presentations are even chosen.  After you are a part of the closed group, invite your friends to see all the exciting things taking place.

Lastly, be watching your inboxes and ACO FaceBook page for the registration links with information about all of the events happening during next year’s conference.

Your Ever-Lovin’ 2016 ACO Conference Co-Chairs

DeShawn Wert – “As an 2016 ACO International Conference Chair, I’m committed to helping grow the profession and getting the ADHD Coaching model out to the masses! I think ADHD coaching is one of the best kept secrets out there… in terms of effectiveness especially with those with ADHD who are willing to take action!” – Contact DeShawn at the ACO at or privately at

KirstenMillikenRound Kirsten Milliken, PhD“As one of three Chairs for the 2016 ACO conference, it is my intention to bring a broader awareness of ADHD Coaching to professionals in a variety of fields. I want our conference to be inspirational, educational and phenomenally fun! An experience that everyone will be talking about and taking action on in their personal and professional lives long after the conference ends.” Contact Kirsten at the ACO at or privately at or

Nancy Bean Nancy Bean – “As one of the 2016 International Conference Chairs, I am committed to increasing awareness of ADHD and the ACO’s membership on a grand scale. We will combine forces to create a memorable and inspirational experience that builds on those of the past.” Contact Nancy at the ACO at