Reach Out and Touch Someone

When in Chicago, I look forward to:

  • participating in our pending Annual Conference and
  • looking forward to making new friends,
  • seeing old friends,
  • finding actionable take aways for taking my practice to the next level and
  • deepening my skills.

I am also deeply aware that not all of our members will participate in our conference this year. So for those of you who attend, I look forward to seeing you there as I write this letter. For those who are not, I want you to feel connected to the energy and happenings of the conference.

As I ponder how you might do that, and consider what I might do if I were not attending. I think that I would encourage you to reach out and contact your fellow ACO members by email, phone or on our member list serve; ask them about their experience, what they learned, what they received at the conference and who they meet. Learn by connecting through your fellow members. Go to the “find a coach directory” and select someone by location, specialty, school or whatever, and use the pretense of wanting to talk with them about the conference as an easy segue to reach out and connect with another member you do not know, and perhaps someone you know.

Board Notes

There was an election this month and I am thrilled to have these members serving the ACO. Congratulations to: Joyce Kubick, Programs Chair; Susan Macintosh, Chair of Marketing and PR; Katherine Jahnke, Secretary.

I am honored to serve you as ACO President.

Robb Garrett
ACO President