Does the coaching pause have anything to do with Creative Divinity?

Is this a big leap of inspiration from outside the practical world of coaching?

How do coaches know when to allow the client to breathe a little more and talk a little less? Professional training offers sound technique where pausing is learned. During the pause the coach checks ego to allow the client to lead at her pace. And then something amazing happens that I now attribute to what Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Love, Pray refers to as Creative Divinity.
In a twenty minute TED video, Gilbert refers to an ancient Greek belief of having a genius, not being a genius. This genius lived in the walls of an artist’s studio and was called upon for inspiration. I would like to propose in that same vein that coaches have a certain genius that is called upon in order for the client to connect with their own genius or creative divinity during the coaching session. The genius or creative divinity is part of an intentionally designed coaching environment we create for each of our clients emotional safety in order for them to discover their truth.

I’ve felt it. Have you? That moment when silence is heavy and I pray for inspiration. I also pray for patience so I don’t interrupt.

And then the client speaks. And it’s a moment of Creative Divinity.

Maureen Nolan, ACC