Credentialing has become a hot topic, not only with coaches, but more importantly, with clients. As coaching has gained credibility and visibility over time, the expectations for our profession have increased along with this. We’ve heard from a number of coaches over the last few months that clients and doctors are requiring credentialed coaches.

Many referring professionals want to see credentialed coaches work with their clients. It’s similar to what has happened with rising educational requirements in the workplace. Twenty-five to thirty years ago, having an undergraduate degree would make an individual competitive for most positions. Today, many individuals have MBA’s or other master level degrees so this is becoming the prerequisite for many jobs.

Coaching is much the same. As awareness of credentialing becomes more widespread, the expectation that coaches have this designation will increase. Credentialing demonstrates a competency that many professionals and clients expect.

The Institute for The Advancement of AD/HD Coaching (IAAC), as an ADHD credentialing organization, recognizes the market expectations that have risen over time in this specialized field.  The board of the IAAC has extensive experience and credibility working in the ADHD environment. The credentialing work continues in this regard; significant progress has been made and this program will launch in 2009.

So why become a credentialed coach? Because the professional community is supporting this initiative and potential clients are asking for it.

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Lynn Moran, IAAC Board Member

UPDATE (October 2014): The IAAC has been formally dissolved as an organization. For information on ADHD Coach Certification, click here.