I was the child who never stopped asking why. While it drove mother crazy, that curiosity carried me into a better world with a coaching business that helps people thrive and achieve great satisfaction in life. I don’t think it gets any better than that.

My curiosity has not diminished in the decades that have passed since I was driving my mother crazy. I continue to ask why of just about everything I do. Now I make myself crazy because I just can’t let things go. And mom doesn’t have the answers anymore.

I felt that way when I first learned that ADHD coaching existed. That was in 1998. I wanted to learn more. I was inspired by the masters in coaching, Nancy Ratey and Sue Sussman. I wanted to do what they were doing. And as my “why’s” were answered, my business began to develop.

I became very curious again when I learned about the ADHD Coaches Organization. That was in 2008. I wanted to know more. I wanted to know what I didn’t know! Who are these people? I attended my first conference that year in St. Louis. There were 50 coaches in attendance and ACO’s membership was approximately three times that. I found people I could ask the question “why” to. And I got answers. I met everyone: from coaching masters to people who were just beginning their personal and professional journeys as coaches. Each one of them taught me how to improve my current skills, and build newer ones. They gave me more to think about, as well as different methods to introduce to my clients. I left energized!

I enjoyed the networking and learning about the future of ADHD coaching, as well as the future of the ACO. I knew that this organization was well worth the time and money spent to be with them in St. Louis.

Now it’s your turn to get your “why’s” answered. What are you curious about? Are there coaches on the listserv you’d love to meet in person? What’s out there that will help you grow your business? What about recent research? What are the current best practice? And who is going to win the The Glen Hogard Award for Distinguished Service to the Professional ADHD Coach Community? Curious? Join us in beautiful Phoenix where your colleagues and other experts will be answering these questions and more.

Our wonderful conference chairs, Katherine Jahnke and Robin Nordmeyer, have prepared an exciting and novel experience for you. Additionally, your board has been working diligently to broaden the membership of this fast growing organization. Today our membership stands at 362 and nearly 40% of our members will be in attendance. You’ll really want to be part of this.

Until next time . . . this is Curious (George) Joyce

Joyce Kubik - PresidentJoyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
Skype: joyceadhdcoach