A warm welcome to some new and some returning members!

Welcome mat

We are very pleased that the following have joined our organization recently. Please join us in welcoming our new members to the future of the ADHD Coaches Organization.

Deana Hyslop
Cheryl Stifter
Beth Vagle
Olga Duncan
Julie Aung

We are also very grateful for the following returning members for renewing their membership and continuing their involvement in our community.

Patrice Shea
Nora Misiolek
Rodney Ziebol
Patricia Hudak
Naomi Zemont
Linda Swanson
Sarah Doll-Steinberg
Audrey Warner
Deborah Bollom
Faith Halter
Geraldine Markel

You can find these and other ADHD professionals in the ACO’s Membership Directory after logging into our website, under the tab “connect”.  We hope that you make the time to connect with someone today!

On behalf of the membership committee team, I thank you ALL for your interest in ACO and hope to meet you at our upcoming conference in April 2017.  REMEMBER, registration for the conference by Decembe31st 2016 saves you $100.  If you have any questions, please feel free to respond to membership@adhdcoaches.org


Rajal-DhruvaRajal Dhruva
Membership Committee Chair