Work continues on several fronts as the Professional Association of ADHD Coaches (PAAC) gets it structures in place.

The PAAC Board has approved a definition of ADHD coaching which is now available on the web site.  Over 30 certified coaches are working in teams to develop the PAAC ADHD Coaching Competencies.  This development process will continue into January.

PAAC Board members recently attended the CHADD and ICF conferences where they were available to discuss ADHD coach certification.  Several PAAC members participated in the ICF assessors meeting and bring this experience and knowledge into our certification development process.

There are PAAC committees working on organization structure, status and vision.  A marketing and PR committee is currently taking shape as well.  Once the competencies have been developed and approved, new committees will be established to work on the certification process.

We are pleased and excited with the progress this new organization is making and the acknowledgment and support PAAC is receiving from the ICF and interested credentialed coaches.

PAAC is the also the first special population organization to be recognized and working together with the ICF. This is the first time that ICF has made any kind of support to specialty coaching. This is a huge kudos for PAAC and for ADHD Coaching.

If you would like to receive regular updates about the work going on at PAAC, you can now subscribe on the PAAC web site.

For more information contact:
Chana Klein (201) 833-8778 or Barbara Luther (314) 890-8478