President’s Letter

The holiday season prompts me to reflect on the people in my life. My family, my friends, and my professional colleagues create communities for me to grow and thrive. In return, I contribute to each community so that others can grow and thrive.

You and I belong to a vibrant community of ADHD professionals. We come together in this organization from many different backgrounds and experiences. How can we, especially during this holiday season, celebrate our community while making it even stronger?

1. Share yourself and connect. One of the easiest ways to help others is to simply share yourself. You don’t have to present a session or a class. Our ACO listserv is a fantastic way to discuss and share. The ACO’s moderated Yahoo! Group is a forum for the benefit of the community created specifically for discussion of professional issues. (If you are a member and would like to join this group you can contact Other great ways to share and connect with us is on Linkedin and Facebook.

2. Volunteer. It’s really just like grandma said, “Many hands make light work.” As a volunteer-led organization, ACO has much to do and we need volunteers to help us do it. Do you enjoy organizing? Or do you enjoy showing hospitality? Perhaps you like telling other people about ACO? Whatever you like to do, tell us and we can find a place for you. Want to find a place to connect with ACO? Contact me at

3. Look into Leading. In 2007, the Leadership Team was created. ACO members who would like to try leadership at the board level can join the Leadership Team for just 6-months. The position was created to develop leadership for the organization and to give members the experience of working on the ACO board without making a full two-year commitment. Team members attend board meetings and participate in discussions. They contribute when they see something that needs doing and that is a good fit for their interests, skills, and availability. Some Leadership Team members have even gone on to take full board positions.  Interested in exploring this opportunity? Contact me at

Your talents and skills are important to our community – and you can help others in it grow and thrive. Do you have ideas about some ways you can contribute to ACO, add to our profession, and strengthen our community? Contribute to your ADHD coaching field by becoming an active member of ACO. Share your expertise, your time, and your talents. Happy holidays.


TamaraRosierTamara Rosier, Ph.D.