What’s an avatar? …

You know those cool little symbols that show up when ever you comment on a blog post or add a comment in a forum?

squareIn the beginning I just thought they were cool. I used my logo because it seemed like the right thing to do, and I like my logo.

But I just read this article over at sitepoint.com about what your avatar should look like.

kerchavatarI’ve changed mine.

I think it’s more connected to me, doncha think?  And after all, a part of posting is to build your presence on the web.  And personally, I want to be recognized.  I am in business!

Don’t have an avatar?

Head over to gravatar.com.Sign up for an account.

Put in your email address. That’s how they attach your avatar to your posts.

Upload a picture. Crop it as you see fit. It will be a square.

And then, by the magic of the internet, you’re good to go.