By Abigail Wurf, Volunteer Engagement Chair.

Being an ADHD coach often means being a solo entrepreneur. Despite our clients, it can be lonely without having colleagues to interact with, bounce ideas off of, know that on a regular basis your going be interacting with them.

I know for me, working by myself even with a VA, I kind of felt like I was in a vacuum. Joining the ACO was a good move because once a year I could get together with others who did what I did and “talk shop,” learn some new things, meet new people with similar interests and be a part of something. But it wasn’t enough.

I would make lunch dates with colleagues who lived in my area but scheduling was always difficult and making it a priority was hard.

Then about three or four years ago I “put my neck out” and asked how I could become more involved with the ACO. I figured it would be a way to meet more coaches, network, help support the professionalization of our field, be on the “inside” of things that were going on and generally just feel a greater sense of belonging in my professional community.

A year later I found myself not only having become a board member but suggesting and creating a whole new committee – The Volunteer Committee. There were several reasons why I felt this was important to do for the growth of ACO and the professionalization of ADHD coaching in general.

There were the obvious reasons – volunteers could make a real difference in the growth of the ACO and “More hands make lighter work.” But those reasons weren’t my motivators, it was really what I was getting from being a volunteer for the ACO I wanted others to experience.

Instant access to leaders in the ADHD coaching community, as the networking rule of thumb goes – hangout with whom you aspire to be.

Colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise that I could call on to pick their brains on coaching and/or business issues that came up for me.

Opportunities to gain more skills that I could apply to my business and other volunteer interests.

Feel a part of something important.

Have influence in setting the agenda of a membership organization in my profession.

The general collegial feel from working with people I admire and have fun with.

So here is my pitch to you:
Are you interested in getting to know influencers in the ADHD coaching community?

Do you want to help grow an organization that supports you in your profession?

Gain skills that will help you in your business and your coaching?

Have a collegial experience with a mix of ADHD coaches from those who are newbies to longtime coaches all with different backgrounds and expertise?

I realize as a business owner your time is precious. This is an opportunity to invest some time with a great return. We are looking for committee members. We only have a few spaces in the following committees but believe you will get good value for your time. How much time you contribute is up to you. The following committees are looking for volunteers:

The Marketing Committee is looking for 2 volunteers
The Membership Committee is looking for 2 volunteers
The Program Committee is looking for 2 volunteers
The Volunteer Committee is looking for 1 volunteer

Aside from the committees associated with the board, the conference committee is looking for a person with a financial background to track and maintain the conference budget for the 2016 ACO conference in Washington DC.

If you are interested in volunteering please contact me and I will be happy to talk with you about finding the right volunteer opportunity for you in the ACO!

AbigailWurfAbigail Wurf
202-244-2234 (landline 10am – 7pm Eastern)