How Did the Conference Change Your Life?

  • Our April newsletter went out late. We intend for it to be the last to be late.
  • I was exhausted upon returning from Chicago and found myself staring at the wall, TV, windows…how do you recover from conferences?
  • The Circle is looking for an international editor – please contact me whether we’ve spoken, met or just glanced at each other at the conference…especially if you are an international coach. This is an exciting new direction for Circle to address. It came to me at the conference that if we have members traveling from around the world, we need to write about their coaching concerns and what’s happening internationally. We’ll also create a vision statement – this is your vision to create!
  • We will write about issues that came up at the conference until we run out of material. That is, the Circle will not try to cover all the conference-related issues in just one issue. It would be very ADHD of me to try to summarize a life-changing event in just one issue. Please submit your reflections and proposed article topics to
  • Thank you for introducing yourself to me and expressing your interest in writing for Circle. If we spoke at the conference please contact me again and let’s make Circle reflect your coaching concerns.

Maureen Nolan