By Joyce Kubik, President

With the advent of fall comes the beginning of a new school year, which puts me in mind of education in general, and also of the vision and values of the ACO, which include valuing education and excellence.

Being a curious person, I’ve looked through many ACO profiles to see how well educated and credentialed our coaches have become. And I have to say I am impressed.

While browsing the Find-a-Coach database, I copied the many different courses available thinking that I’d mention them here, but there were too many to list.

I also thought about the many hours trainers spent to put these training and certification programs together. And I wish to extend a big thank you to all of them. These experts are helping to strengthen and grow our profession.

If you are looking to further your own coach training and knowledge base, just go to the Find-a-Coach section of our website and browse the profiles of your fellow coaches. Don’t be afraid to contact them. By doing so, perhaps you’ll find the additional training you need. You might also want to click on ADHD Coach Training and see if one of the courses listed fits your needs.

Education is valuable. It’s what takes a person to the next level. When you get to the next level of your training, take a moment to be proud of yourself and your accomplishment. Also, don’t forget to update your profile to let potential clients know what you can do for them. Simply login to the ACO member section and select “Update your profile.”

Additionally, I encourage you to check out your own profile. I noticed that many coaches have no training listed and some are without photos. These are two important things that the public needs when searching for a coach. You could be loosing out on business because of an incomplete profile.

Thank you for listening.

Joyce Kubik - PresidentJoyce Kubik
Certified Master Coach
Skype: joyceadhdcoach