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Coach, Teacher, Writer: All-Round Innovator Is Published

This month we profile a book just published and written by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett. The following is excerpted from a summary by Jodi.

In this groundbreaking book on ADHD coaching for teens and young adults, ACO member, Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Master Certified Coach to hundreds of young people with ADHD, pulls back the curtain on the powerful intervention of coaching youth with ADHD to help them break through barriers and succeed in their lives.

After struggling for years to manage ADHD through the two-dimensional framework of medication and therapy, more and more professionals, parents and individuals with ADHD are becoming enlightened by the discovery of coaching as the missing piece of the intervention enigma. For parents and professionals supporting a young person with ADHD, this book shows them a path that could help change lives forever.

Empowering Youth with ADHD: Your Guide to Coaching Adolescents and Young Adults for Coaches, Parents, and Professionals offers a thorough, hands-on guide for all individuals interested in learning more about coaching young people with ADHD, from life coaches interested in expanding their practices to a new market, to academic tutors and personal organizers wondering if they’d like to become trained as an ADHD coach, to therapists, psychiatrists, and pediatricians confused about what ADHD coaches do. In addition, the book demystifies the coaching process to reveal exactly how coaching supports the young person and how it supports the work of other ADHD professionals. This book will also help ADHD professionals make effective referrals to coaches when needed.

Student Support Within Reach

Drawn from the content of Sleeper-Triplett’s International Coach Federation-accredited training course—the first and only of its kind— Empowering Youth With ADHD captures Sleeper-Triplett’s complete nuts-and-bolts approach to coaching young people with ADHD. The book covers a variety of essential topics for coaches, parents, and professionals, from assessing the readiness of the young person for coaching, to using Sleeper-Triplett’s unique personal coaching agreement designed to help young people stay focused and achieve goals, to dealing with difficult clients and making effective referrals. Real-life stories are included, along with sample coaching dialogues.

Empowering Youth With ADHD is the first book to date to unveil this powerful and proven intervention for teens and young adults with ADHD and to offer complete guidance to coaches, professionals, and parents on what ADHD coaching for young people is and how it can dramatically improve the lives of youth affected by ADHD.