An Unexpected Tale of ADHD Untreated

Meyon Henderson

ACO members attending the Friday night conference social in Atlanta expected to be rocked and to roll with a local band. Unfortunately, in a uniquely ADHD moment, the band split three days before…leaving singer Meyon Henderson holding the floor and the microphone. And for the short time she was on stage, she held our attention and earned our compassion.

Meyon first contacted the ACO just before the 2011 ADHD Awareness Week with the passion and missionary zeal to spread the word of the injustice of and the danger of undiagnosed ADHD. You see, she had recently survived a suicide attempt before being diagnosed with ADHD. In sharing her ADHD story, she makes a clear connection with being a mixed raced woman and not being diagnosed.

Meyon was committed to speaking and singing at the conference with or without her band. It was the first performance of its kind for her and she moved the audience with her story and a beautiful a cappella performance of a children’s nursery rhyme. Look for more of Meyon in the ADHD world. We’re so grateful for you and for your message of ADHD Awareness, Meyon.

The First Creative Video Conference Showing

Leslee Hare, Artist

For the first time in conference history, a video ‘Riding the Spectrum: High Gear and Low Gear’ was proposed for a conference workshop. Judith Champion, conference chair was moved to create an ongoing venue for the video rather than one conference workshop. Attendees could watch the video at their leisure throughout the conference hours, as it was set up just outside the bookstore.

The video Riding the Spectrum is on YouTube. Leslee Hare created this artistic, spiritual and experiential expression of life on the autistic spectrum and life with ADHD in honor of her fifteen year old son with autism, Lucas (using PowerPoint on her laptop). Motherhood has been a roller coaster of love and loss, divorce, confusion, isolation, educational and therapeutic assistance, bewilderment and ecstatic moments of brilliance and communication.

This is a 15 minute break with reality as we think it should be – as ADHD coaches, do we try to move our clients out of this kind of noise? Leslee suggests through her original artwork that maybe there is more normalcy in our clients than we or they think…

Leslee Hare, architect, artist, mother, seeker, visionary offers the use of this video to anyone who wants to show it to groups or individuals through this publication. She believes it will be used to the greater education of the world of what’s different and what’s normal along the spectrum. If you’d like to contact her, she can be reached at

Leslee collaborated with music composer Matt Pelosi, (son of editor Maureen Nolan) on this video.