How can you leverage your contacts and relationships into huge profits for your business?

Expert Speaker: November 17, 8 pm eastern

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How about a joint venture? That is a project where two or more individuals and/or companies work together to provide services for a predetermined time and/or scope. Usually they are formed so that each person or company can provide something they could not do on their own as well or at all.

Come to this lively and interactive presentation from a veteran management consultant, business consultant and ADD coach. Learn about his approach to forming joint ventures (or sharing projects) with other professionals for service, profit and fun. Leave with your own action plan of how you will get started in the profitable world of joint ventures utilizing the skills and contacts you already have!

About the speaker:

robb garrett

Robb Garrett has a diverse academic, business, and coaching background that makes him well suited to understand how organizations grow and evolve, how they become more effective, and what is needed to move an organization forward.