The Expert Speaker Series Talks are an ACO Member Benefit.

Don’t miss our ACO President Ian King on Expert Speaker Series, July 20, 8:00 pm EST, speaking on “Inclusion and Diversity”. Link here to tell us you will be there. This is a description of his talk:

July 20

Diversity and Inclusion Creating Systems Shift

Ian King

  • How does ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ fit into your coaching business and what do we mean by diversity in coaching? Is your client inclusive or exclusive?
  • When people become inclusive of others they automatically become inclusive of themselves and vice versa. Is it possible to be inclusive and still say no?
  • Diversity and Inclusion applies to Corporate America, schools and family systems. Understanding it and a bit of Systems Theory creates a powerful coaching presence that can allow people within those systems to gain higher positivity and a higher productivity environment. Understand how to successfully make diversity and inclusion a positive and attractive approach for yourself and your coaching business.

    On August 17

    Coaching the College Brain: A Focused, yet Flexible, Educational Model

    Members Melissa Knight and Stacey Bauberger

    * Learn what role the brain plays in the behaviors of college students with ADHD and/or executive function disorders.
    * Discover the differences between entering college freshmen and the adult college population.
    * Ponder strategies used to find balance between students and their families.

    On September 21

    Empowering Youth with ADHD

    Jodi Sleeper-Triplett, Member

    For many adolescents and young adults with ADHD, coaching helps them learn techniques to become more focused, stay on task, and improve time management and organizational skills. These executive functioning skills are the building blocks for success in the future.

    By initiating the coaching process with adolescents and young adults, we are able to increase motivation and build self-confidence and self-awareness. ADHD coaching for adolescents and young adults reaches beyond the framework of academics, providing valuable life skills needed for a productive and satisfying adult life.

    This session will provide an opportunity for participants to better understand the value of coaching young people and to learn how coaching can be a beneficial tool for skill building and empowerment.

    To read about these upcoming talks, please go to the ACO Website and click on Expert Speaker Series.

    Looking for Speakers

    Do you know someone who has expertise to share? Please send that information to We are also planning ADHD Coaches Continuing Education (ACCE) courses for 2011 with Karen Boutelle, Denslow Brown and others.

    Copy and mark your calendars for the meetings held the third Tuesday of the month at 8 pm eastern. To join the discussion, dial: (919) 424-5871 PIN: 144 809#

    July 20 Ian King Diversity and Inclusion
    August 17 Knight & Bauberger Coaching the College Brain
    September 21 Jodi Sleeper-Triplett Empowering Youth with ADHD
    October 19 Chuck Blocher Human Technology Interface
    November 16 Judi Jerome Mindfulness and ADHD For Coaches
    December 21 To Be Announced

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