February – Linda Anderson – Coaching challengers around medications
March – Denise Wakeman – Marketing
April – Dr. Billi Bitton – AttnGo
May – Joyce kubik – ADHD and Aspergers
June – Carrie Green – Organization
July – possibly Judi Jerome – (Mindfulness) or Ian King (TBD)
August – Harold Myer – Credentialing
Sept – possibly Jodi Sleeper-Triplette
October – Chuck Blocher – Human-Technology Interface
Nov – Ian Kind  (TBD)

Listed below is our Expert Speaker Series listing through May, 2010. The calls are every month on the third Tuesday at 8 pm EST. They are open to all members. Please join us this February through December.

February – Linda Anderson – Coaching challenges around medications

Dial: 919-424-5871 Access Code: 1144809#

Time: 8:00p EST 7:00p CST 6:00p MST 5:00p PST

Join us on February 16, at 8:00pm to join in a talk with MCC and ADHD Coach, Linda Anderson, whose topic is: “Coaching Clients with ADHD Around Medication.”

Here is a little about Linda and her topic.

Attending? Send an email to kubikja@bridgetosuccess.net

Coaching Clients with ADHD Around Medication Let’s talk. What do your clients know about medication? Where are they
getting their information? What are your client’s challenges and what are
yours in coaching them? We will talk about role of the coach in discussing
medication and talk about that role in relationship to the clinician and the
doctor. As we talk about this aspect of coaching our clients we will share
helpful resources.

By the way, do you take medication? What are your challenges?

About Linda Anderson:
Linda Anderson, M.A., MCC, SCAC, founder of Getting Clear, is a Business,
Personal and Professional Coach who specializes in working with ADHD adults.
A master certified coach she has been actively involved in the world of ADHD
since 1993, has served on the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA)
board since 1998 and as president of the organization from 2006 to 2008. She
conducts an ADHD-Advanced Coach Training Teleclass for coaches and
clinicians and has written several articles, among them – “A Closer Look At
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder- From The Outside Looking In” and
”The Body Double.” She can be viewed in the video, “Me, My ADD Coach and I.”
Her website – www.gettingclear.com

Looking Ahead:

March – Denise Wakeman – Marketing

April – Dr. Billi Bitton – AttnGo

May – Joyce Kubik – ADHD and Aspergers